How to Design a Child’s Bedroom

Parenting experts argue that at the age of two a child can sleep alone, separated from his parents’ bedroom. Or at the latest at the age of five. Therefore you as a parent need to know how to design a child’s bedroom.
In this age range, children are actively playing and learning as part of their cognitive development. Giving them a private bedroom will be very good for children. With a private bedroom, they will be free to express themselves.

Setting up a private bedroom for the baby is a fun and challenging job. Fun because your child can start self-study early. And challenging because you have to be careful and should not be careless in the design of a child’s bedroom.

Therefore, the following tips and inspiration for designing a child’s bedroom for those of you who are planning a child’s bedroom.

Some of you may still be worried about letting your child sleep in their own room at such a small age. Worried about the risk of falling from the mattress. Worry your child will feel lonely at night. And other concerns that haunt you.
To ensure your child feels comfortable and safe in his room and also to reduce your worries, there are some tips that can be useful for you in planning a good bedroom design for your baby. Here’s the review.

Determine the theme.

The theme is the heart of a room, not to mention the child’s bedroom. How to Design a Child's Bedroom The way to design a child’s bedroom starts with determining the theme. You can choose your favorite things, or the cartoon characters they like most as the main theme of their bedroom. Characters such as cars, superheroes, strawberries, Hello Kitty, Barbies, Minions, etc. can be an option. Rooms designed according to their preferences will make children feel at home and comfortable lingering in their rooms. This is the first way how to design a child’s bedroom.

Use a suitable bed.

The second way how to design a child’s bedroom is the selection of beds. How to Design a Child's Bedroom For choosing the bed, avoid using a bed that is too big and too high for your child’s room. Beds that are too big will make the floor where they play become narrower. Whereas a bed that is too high can harm your baby when it falls. As a solution, you can choose a twin size bed with a low to medium height.

Choose furniture that is durable and long lasting

Cute and small furniture is very interesting to buy because it can make your child’s bedroom more vibrant. How to Design a Child's Bedroom But over time, children will grow up, and the level of their preference for these funny items will also disappear. Later, will they still like these funny things? Especially for boys. It could be a year later the child will not like items that he thought were funny, so you have to buy new furniture. Well, to avoid this, you should use simple, minimalist, and not too fancy furniture for the child’s bedroom area.

For tips how to choosing kids bedroom furniture, visit this site :


Take advantage of toys as room decorations

Don’t waste dolls, miniatures, or children’s favorite caricatures just by storing them in a toy box. How to Design a Child's Bedroom You can use these items to decorate the room. These items can enhance the look of your child’s bedroom. Besides that, also place educational toys in your child’s bedroom. Call it a book, Rubik, or puzzle. If your child is able to read, the book will broaden his horizons, while Rubik and puzzle can hone their sharpness of thinking.


Select the bright color palette

Color selection is also one step in how to design a child’s bedroom. How to Design a Child's Bedroom Bright colors are considered to give a cheerful impression and can stimulate children’s creativity. This is why a child’s bedroom is usually painted with vibrant colors. Also, pay attention to the combination of the color of the wall paint and the color of the furniture that you will use. Do not get too contrast between one color with another color so that the room even looks tacky.


Room ceiling decoration

Many people focus too much on the walls, furniture, and floor. But they forget that they can also make variations on the bedroom ceiling. How to Design a Child's Bedroom You can decorate the ceiling of the room with clouds, or maybe the view of the night sky complete with patches of stars that can glow in the dark to accompany the night’s sleep of the beloved baby.


Use a carpet

Because children often spend time playing on the floor area, make sure to coat the floor of the child’s bedroom with a floor mat, the carpet. How to Design a Child's Bedroom Floors that feel cold when stepped on can trigger disease in the body of children. Carpets are used as an effort to prevent diseases that can infect them. In addition, the carpet can add to the beauty of the room. And the carpet also protects the floor surface from the risk of being scratched by toys. Use this type of short hairy carpet, with unique motifs. Evamat carpet is also one type of carpet that is commonly used for children’s bedrooms.

That’s 7 tips on how to design a child’s bedroom as inspiration to help you determine the design of a child’s bedroom. For good planning and execution, always make sure you use quality interior design services.

I am the mother of 2 children who love interior design. I like to experiment with all things related to home improvement. I dedicate all of my writing to all my families who support my hobby and make it happen in the real world.

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