Design a bedroom with a beach style

Design a bedroom with a beach style

One interesting and fun way to beautify your bedroom is by designing it with a beach style. Design a bedroom with a beach style by using some accessories and colors with a beach theme.
You will find that you can dramatically change the look of your bedroom just by making small changes. See how simple it is to design a bedroom with beach style without spending a lot of money.


As the name suggests, Design a bedroom with a beach style is very thick with the use of white, beach sand beige and the dominant blue in a room. The selected color must reflect the beach’s atmosphere. Another characteristic that is easily recognizable from this decoration is the presence of unique beach and sea trinkets.
To present a nautical concept that looks natural on home decoration, especially in the bedroom, it is important to note several important factors. Among them are the selection of beds and their covers, wall hangings, and other furniture.

Soft Color Domination

To present the theme of nautical decorations in a room generally dominated by a choice of soft colors. To make the bedroom seem quieter and more comfortable to use for resting, the choice of soft color schemes such as sea blue, Tosca green, bright blue, and white can be the most appropriate combination.
Other color choices that can be considered should still be related to shades of sand and water that can reflect the beach’s appearance.


Nautical Decorative Mattress Bed Sheet

The combination of bed linen and bedcover with beach and or sea motif in the bedroom can give the impression of sleeping under a deep sea. For the bedroom wall, you can give a simple decoration or even a painting with the theme of the ocean.Design a bedroom with a beach style

Highlighting Natural Material Combinations

Beaches and seaside have interesting elements that can be applied to decorations in the bedroom. Like sand, wood, and wildlife in the ocean. Using natural material as a sweetener accessory can make the bedroom look more alive and rich in texture.

In designing a bedroom with a beach style doesn’t forget to pay attention to such a placement of each decoration choice, bed and furniture used to look symmetrical.

Design a bedroom with a beach style

Beach Patterns

Choose patterns such as seashells, rocks and foliage motifs on wall hangings. The same pattern can also be applied to bed linen and pillowcases to turn on the concept of beach house decoration in the bedroom. Choose a cheerful color so that your bedroom has an elegant impression. Design a bedroom with a beach style
If you store a variety of beach accessories that are obtained when traveling, do not hesitate to display a collection of shades of beach that you have in a nautical themed bedroom.
You can place beach-pattern ornaments in the headboard area that forgets the attention of the bedroom.


Lighting Access

Nautical home decorations tend to blur the boundaries between exterior and interior. In this design concept, natural sunlight goes into the room through glass doors, windows, and skylights. Especially if your house is near the beach.
However, if your home design does not have enough access to sunlight into the house, you can consider adding a glass door or window or inserting lamp elements. Design a bedroom with a beach style

Still to support indoor lighting. Nautical-style decor does not use sparkling furniture. With using a glass table or mirror that install on the opposite of a window, can add light in the bedroom.

When you Design a bedroom with a beach style and when completing your bedroom, always remember about lighting. When going to buy a lamp for your bedroom, make sure to buy that represents the style of the beach you want to produce. For the beach, style lighting tries using clear glass lamps filled with shells or figural house lights.



Line Motifs on Decoration

Design a bedroom with a beach style can also be done by playing decorations using nautical icons, such as zigzag motifs, lines to shades of black and white and navy blue. Design a bedroom with a beach style

Placing a sofa with a dark blue stripe motif clearly illustrates the impression of the sea. Because the motif is very thick with the image of the sailor’s clothes.

For decorations in the bedroom, the bed cover can use line motifs. Carpet or pillowcase can you use this motif too.



The Right Rugs

Carpets can be a boundary for an area and make your bedroom attractive. Use a rug that has nuances of the sea or beach so that the feel of the beach bedroom is thicker. See about the area rug as the perfect accent for the floor on

Design a bedroom with a beach style

Show off Collections

Nautical style lovers usually store beach-style accessories that they collect as souvenirs when traveling. Don’t hesitate to display your beach nuance collection in the bedroom. The headboard area is the most appropriate place to hang accessories because of its nature which is the center of attention of the room.


Ship Style Interior

If you want to give accents to walls or ceilings, install white wood panels that are neatly arranged like an interior inside a ship. Besides giving a unique impression, your bedroom will look brighter.

Roof with Ocean Painting

You can also be creative by making paintings or wallpaper on the bedroom roof with the theme of the ocean. Images of living creatures in the ocean can be painted to the roof of your bedroom. So that every time you lay down on the bed you will see a blue and peaceful ocean atmosphere.

Design a bedroom with a beach style

Build Romantic Nuances

In addition to the choice of nuanced colors and materials, white nets hanging on the bed can also add to the nautical impression on the bedroom. This simple decoration also gives a romantic feel to your bed.


Don’t think you need to buy everything for your bedroom simultaneously. Search continuously to find the best accessories to match the beach theme in your bedroom. You can also find accessories at flea and garage sales markets from your neighbors.

I am the mother of 2 children who love interior design. I like to experiment with all things related to home improvement. I dedicate all of my writing to all my families who support my hobby and make it happen in the real world.

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